The Big Give

Frequently Asked Questions

The Big Give is an opportunity for Biltmore Church to serve the people of Western North Carolina by identifying and meeting various physical needs that are present in the communities that we call home. We do this by mobilizing the people of Biltmore Church to meet the needs of our community through their generosity and service.

This December, we have the opportunity to serve families in need by providing a box of groceries to them, free of charge. On December 10th, volunteers will pick up boxes of groceries from their Biltmore Church campus, and deliver them to the families in need across WNC.

There are three primary ways you can be involved in the Big Give:

  1. Suggest- You can fill out the form above to recommend your own family, or another family you know.
  2. Donate - For $25 you can pay for a box of groceries for a family in need.
  3. Serve - On December 10th, you can sign up to deliver boxes of groceries to families in need.

A box of groceries is $25. We have two options for boxes.

  • The first box consists of chicken stuffing, mac & cheese, green beans, yams, peas, mashed potatoes, canned fruit, corn muffin mix, cream of mushroom soup, Cranberry sauce, and canned ham.
  • The second box includes white rice, cooking oil, Masa corn flower, pinto beans, bouillon Chicken stock, tuna, soup, tomato paste, shelf stable milk, oats, cumin, garlic powder, and oregano.

At every campus on Sunday, December 10th, we will have a brief campus rally at 2:00pm to go over details about box delivery and pray. We will then dismiss everyone to group up, load their cars with boxes of groceries, grab their assigned addresses and go make their deliveries. Once you’ve completed your list, you’re all done!

We ask that everyone 14 years old and older register to serve.

Once you register to serve on December 10th, you’ll receive a confirmation email that gives you the option to volunteer to be a driver. For those who volunteer to drive, further instructions will be sent out as the volunteer day gets closer.

On December 10th, we will ask everyone to self group. You’re welcome to make deliveries with your family, connect group, or friends as you have room in your vehicle.

Once you’ve arrived at the address, go to the front door with one or two more people and knock or ring the doorbell. If someone comes to the door, introduce yourself, sharing that you’re with Biltmore Church and that you’re there to drop off a box of groceries for them.

As you gauge the interaction, if appropriate ask if you can pray for the family in any specific way. Please note, if they say no we want to honor their preferences. Your next step would be to thank them for their time and head to your next delivery.

Because the groceries are all nonperishable items, we recommend that you leave the box by the front door or somewhere that it isn’t exposed to the elements.

You can email the Biltmore Church Missions Team at