Weekly Resource Guide

January 23-29

Song of Solomon is a book in the Bible all about love, marriage, dating, and redemption. Each week of this series, we’ll be exploring how the Gospel informs our most important relationships. This weekly resource guide is designed to help you live a life that reflects the Gospel – personally and as a family!

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This Week's Sermon

Read • Ask • Pray

Read: Song of Solomon 2:8-17 & This Week's Reading Plan

Ask (Questions for Reflection/Discussion): For Those Who Are Single: Why is marriage the purpose of dating? How does that affect the way you view dating? How are you preparing yourself to date in a God-glorifying way? For Those Who Are Married: Why is it important to date your spouse? What are some practical ways you can incorporate dating into your marriage?

Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of human relationships. I pray that you would give me love for others and wisdom to serve and honor them well. Help me to see and embrace your vision and design for dating. I place all of my trust, identity, and hope in you. From the overflow of that identity, shape and form my relationships to be a picture of the Gospel. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Read: Culture today romanticizes dating and tells your student to make the decision of who to date, solely based on how they feel. This causes confusion and heartbreak. Although you won’t be able to protect your student from all the bruises dating can cause, you can help them navigate what to look for in a future spouse. It is important to help your student understand that they have to pursue someone that is pursuing Jesus first. Having conversations early and openly can help your student feel comfortable bringing these things to you. Help them evaluate why and who they are dating. Is there evidence of them walking with Jesus? How does this person treat those around them? Does this person respect you and what might that look like?

AskWhat do you think the purpose of dating is?

Pray (over your student): Heavenly Father. Help (student name) love others as Christ has loved us first. As they navigate relationships and even dating, may your son Jesus be the center of all those relationships and provide them with clarity, wisdom and discernment. Thank you for loving us, listening to us, and being with us. We love you, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Read: In Judges 13-16, we learn about a man named Samson. God gave him the gift of great strength. He was told that he should never cut his hair, or he would lose his strength. Samson fell in love with a Philistine woman named Delilah. Philistines were enemies of God’s people. Some Philistine men, who did not like Samson, talked to Delilah. “Find out why Samson is so strong and we will give you some money,” they said.

So, Delilah did just that. She asked Samson over and over again what made him strong. Samson finally told Delilah where his great strength came from, his hair. God told Samson that he must never cut his hair. But Samson told too much to Delilah, and the Philistines cut Samson’s hair while he was sleeping. Samson let Delilah’s voice be louder than God’s voice in his life. Samson lost his strength and the Philistines made him a prisoner.

God had a special plan for Samson. Just like He has a plan for me and you! But during Samson’s life, he picked the wrong friend and disobeyed God. Samson let Delilah’s voice be louder than God’s. But here is the good news; even though Samson messed up and told Delilah about where his strength came from, God still used Him to fulfill His plan. God restored Samson’s strength and used him to help save His people from their enemy, the Philistines. Jesus would come as the last Deliverer, saving all who would trust in Him.

Ask your preschooler: Why did Samson lose his strength?

Ask your grade-schooler: What was the big mistake Samson made? How can you keep God first in your life?

Pray: God, please lead, guide and protect ___________. Help them have good, Godly friendships and influences. Help them to always put you first and allow your voice to be the loudest in their life. Amen.

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