Resident/Intern Program

Why Residency?

  • Gain hands on ministry experience
  • Receive personal mentoring & professional development
  • Be part of a staff team

What to Expect

The residency program is designed to prepare you for a lifetime of faithful and fruitful ministry. Our focus is on developing each resident spiritually, personally, and professionally. Over the course of 1 year, you will gain hands-on ministry experience alongside seasoned pastors who will coach you in a specific ministry area. As you engage in the residency program you will become a leader who is prepared to lead yourself, lead others, and serve the local church in a meaningful way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A resident is someone who is exploring a full-time call to ministry and has committed to a year-long, paid residency program with Biltmore Church. Likewise, an intern is exploring a full-time call to ministry but has committed to a semester-long, unpaid internship with Biltmore Church. 

The residency is a 1-year program designed to prepare you for a lifetime of faithful ministry.

The internship is a semester long commitment.

This program is for anyone who feels called to full-time vocational ministry and is looking to gain meaningful ministry experience in a local church. 

The Residency program is open to any young adult who is passionate about local church ministry and is either entering their senior year of college or has graduated college in the last 5 years.  

The intern program is ideally geared toward someone who is still in college.

As a resident, you will work 28 hours per week at a rate of $12 per hour. 

The internship is an unpaid position.

Campuses, kids ministry, student ministry, missions, worship/production, and college/young adults. 

Our main goal in the Residency program is to prepare you for a lifetime of faithful and fruitful ministry. Although a full-time Job at Biltmore is not promised, we do like to hire from within our residency program. 

Although Biltmore Church cannot guarantee housing, we are committed to helping you find housing during your time in the residency program.